Monday, April 25, 2011

Absolutly not, and by that I mean yes

So I got to work in WIC today since they were short staffed. Some things never change. I saw a woman and her 7 month old baby who just moved from another state. Mom says, I need to switch her formula because I changed it a month ago and she has been vomiting since. (She wants to change it to this other formula that is literally the same thing, just a different name). I asked if she was sick or if she had added any  new foods in the past month? Of course the answer was no. Towards the end of the conversation I asked if she had started infant cereal, "yea, about a month ago..." AND in her bottle with the formula ;) of course! Too add the cherry on top, I notice she has a hospital band on her wrist. Apparently baby just got out of the ER and has a virus...

My only explanation is I must have stupid tattooed on my forehead.