Friday, April 13, 2012

Garden & Berry Picking

Ok. So I've never actually been berry picking before. Any kind of berry. At least not that I recall. Well at my work we have this super creepy field in the back with really tall grass and I'm sure snakes. But amongst all the creepiness are thousands of blackberries! Some people just pick the berries along the edge of the field. Me? I put on my rain boots and brave the jungle, stomping through waist high weeds and thorns. It's actually sort of painful. You know those berry vines have so many thorns! I have gone out there several days and have managed to pick  over 5 lbs of blackberries! 

On the left is my supervisor and fellow RD Regina picking blackberries. She usually goes out there in a skirt! Right is a few black berries I picked one day to have as a snack.

Now, on to our garden! I am so lucky to have a husband with an amazing green thumb. The man could grow anything I swear. I know I told you guys before, due to our crappy Florida soil, we opted for potted plants this year. Everything is starting to just go crazy!!! I couldn't even tell you how many tomatoes are on those plants right now. 

Here is a picture of one of the many tomato plants and on the right is the first red one!!
Left is the first purple heirloom tomato. I'm really excited about these. Right is a couple of strawberries. We have already tried a couple and they are so sweet and delicious!
Left is one of our cucumber plants. No cucumbers yet but they are all blooming now so it shouldn't be long! Right is the poblano pepper plant. I think as of today I saw 9 peppers on this one plant!!!
If you guys have a garden this year, how is it coming along? Have you been able to eat anything yet?