Monday, October 11, 2010

Ghetto...Not So Fabulous

I guess I chose to go to the restroom at the wrong time today. While in the stall, a women came in yelling at her child "you better pull your pants down because you're getting a whoopin".  I assume he did because then I could hear, rather loudly, the woman spanking the child. After he got his "whoopin", the yelling continued. The poor child answered his mother "no sir" and got a promt, "IT'S NO MA'M!!" yikes. So then she yelled, "do you want to go to McDonalds or not?!?" I liked this part. The little boy says, "no"  haha. I think this angered her more.

Why I am still standing in the bathroom I have no idea but as soon as these people walk out, another woman walks in. 

AGAIN, this woman yells at her daughter and then starts spanking her very loudly. I couldn't take anymore so I came out, and to my shock, this child could not have been over the age of 2, and looked terrified. I nicely attempted to give the woman the, "you can not hit your children while you are in the health department" speech and was bombarded with an array of questions including, "well why can't I hit her in the bathroom?" ---her point here being that the bathroom was not part of the heath department. So ANYWAY. I tried to calmly respond to her questions and after the last one I got a finger in the face and a "BITCH PLEASE". Classy. Well I obviously told her that was unacceptable behavior and I was going to get the director who would escort her from the building. In the 30 seconds it took the director to get to the lobby the woman had run off, without her checks. 

Hunny, Bon Qui Qui has more class than you.


  1. This is why respectable parents whose income qualifies them for WIC are hesitant to sign up for WIC. While I was on WIC I was very aware that I was lumped into a group that had a lot of not so classy people. Bless you for your patience in working with those people and give an extra smile to the good parents who come to your clinic. They need it!

  2. Lynn So sorry I am just now responding! I haven't had a chance to be on my blog in the past ...well 9 months really! Except here and there :) Busy with my internship. BUT! You are absolutely right! It's really sad that those great parents who do qualify get deterred by these types of people. I always do my very best to make sure those fabulous parents know how great of a job they are doing at helping their children be the healthy happy kid they were meant to be!