Sunday, November 7, 2010

Institute for Responsible Technology - Quotes from FDA Scientists

Key documents revealing the hazards of Genetically Modified foods and flaws with how the agency made its policy.
These documents became available through the Alliance for Bio-Integrity's lawsuit to gain mandatory safety testing and labeling of these foods.
Institute for Responsible Technology - Quotes from FDA Scientists


  1. I dont have your email so I'll respond here! =) First off - GMOs freak me out, I need to go read this STAT!

    Second, I would pretend the palak paneer is a sauce and serve it over veggie fried rice and maybe even add some tofu to the mix! I've had a frozen version of this stuff before and it was really boring -- I think the rice would give it better texture and mucho veggies fixes everrrrrything!

    I didn't know you read my blog?! awww thanks girl! Are you still doing the internship? or is it completed? I'm so behind on WIC happenings! I miss working there soooo sooooo soooo much!


  2. girl! connect your email to your blog profile! =)

    Proactiv is vegan =)

    Here are the companies to avoid:

    clorox = BAAAAAD so is pantene and a few other mean companies

  3. Jenn! I seriously JUST realized you had responded to me on here! haha. oh geez I'm a genius ;) I was thinking... aww she didn't write me back :( ha. Anyway! Thanks for the help! I will def try the paneer like you said. Now, HOW do I I connect my email to my blog profile?? Since I've been so busy with that internship, I haven't really had a chance to explore all the blog world offers. ;) AND- I JUST finished my internship!!!! Probably taking RD exam in July. (getting married in 10 days!!!!) We miss you hun! but you look really happy. and yes, I LOVE your blog!!!

  4. ok round 2! Apparently blog world was broken when I responded to you and deleted it! Not cool. So! I had NO idea you responded to me on here until like.. a week ago. oops! But I have it linked to my email now thanks for the tip! I'm so freakin busy I have almost zero time to get good at this blog stuff, maybe soon :) Awesome suggestion for the paneer though I will def be trying that. And YES i read your blog pretty much every day and i LOVE it! Well, my internships is done!!! At last! I sit for my RD exam in July. I'm so excited/nervous!!!! Ok I'm going to email you and tell you I responded to you on here...again! WIC miss you!