Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Whatever, I Do What I Want!

Ohhhh man. I had a married couple come in to see me with their 6 month old. I should have known things were not going anywhere good when the clerk told me that he was being really nasty to his wife out in the lobby. When I asked if the baby was getting any water the dad said, "yeah, glucose water." uhh. In my head I'm all...are you putting glucose tablets in her water?? But instead I said, "What do you mean?" He says, "You know, sugar water." I don't even know where people get this bright idea from! And when I explained to him why NOT to do this, he had the nerve to roll his eyes at me! Then he said, "I have 5 other kids and I'm going to feed this one just like I fed them." I bet they all have a mouth full of rotten teeth too...yea, I didn't say that either...At that point I just said ok and directed everything else I had to say to the mom, who was actually interested. I told her normal stuff...introduce a sippy cup, when to introduce other foods, ext. By the way, dad never even made eye contact with me again, and sat there with his arms crossed the whole time. So, when they went back out to the lobby the clerk up front heard him say, "Everything she said is crap." WHAT! agh! Clearly he knows more than I do about how to feed children, I mean, after all, he has 6 of them and all I have is a nutrition degree and my RD...why would I know anything?

I wanted to go out there and tell him that just having children doesn't mean you know more than I do and it certainly doesn't make you a good parent, and it's blatantly obvious that your not a good husband either...didn't say that either, for obvious reasons.


  1. omg Laura, you make me never want to work in public health again!...this also makes me really not study for my community nutrition test tomorrow!

  2. Uh! I know! People like that really discourage me... but then I have to remember the parents that actually care and really want what's best for their children, and it's worth it for them.