Friday, July 15, 2011

Birthday Heaven!

Yesterday was my 26th birthday and as usual Matt's culinary talents exceeded my expectations. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who loves me so much. He put so much effort into making my special day more than I could have asked for. He had a glass of wine waiting on me when I walked in the door after work. Then...he served this "appetizer". I can't even explain to you how amazing this was. And all completely made from scratch.

Baked Brie, Peach & Cherry Compote, Candied Pecans
I could have eaten that all night! But I had to save room for the main course. Rack of lamb!!! My absolute fav!!!!!!!! It was cooked to perfection. And the, I was speachless. The potatoes were mighty delicious too. I pretty much just dove face first into this...
Lamp Lollipops, Tempura Fried Okra, Okra & Tomatoes, Baked Fingerling Potatoes

We had this delicious red wine with dinner, Coppola Rosso. Matt's pretty great at picking out our wine selections too...of course ;)

After dinner, I wanted to open my present!!! But made had made me a dessert and wanted to sing me happy birthday first :) So sweet. All I've been wanting for a week is chocolate chip cookies and I haven't had any! So what did he make me? Chocolate chip cookie cake! With some champagne on the side.

Now it was present time!!!! Yay! I had no idea what Matt was getting me!! When I saw how big the box was, I was even more confused. You can tell by my face that I was quit pleasantly surprised :)

Acoustic/Electric Fender Guitar
 Now I just have to learn how to play this thing!! And now I'm ready for some birthday dinner leftovers :)


  1. Wow, what a great night :) Happy {belated} Birthday!!


  2. That us such an awesome birthday! :) I hope mine is just as good in 10 days! lol

  3. Happy belated birthday! Matt did an awesome job :)

  4. Happy birthday! Um can your hubby come cook for me?! Thanks for linking up :)