Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Changes For The Golden Arches

I just read an article called, Happy Meal Change a Step Toward More Nutritious Fast Food Options. (Click the title to link to the article). I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. On the one hand, yes encouraging more fruits/veggies is always a good thing. But are we forgetting what else is still coming along with this healthy side?? Either a burger, nuggets which we know have 30 some odd ingredients (check them out here), and french fries. Last time I checked, eating a few carrot sticks doesn't cancel out a plate full of fried food. Second, with the way people latch on to the media and advertising, it wouldn't surprise me if we just end up with more kids going to McDonalds more often, because hey! you get...some raisins? Apparently McD's thinks they "may have a small impact on the childhood obesity epidemic." What a joke! Yeah you have an impact all right. Here's an idea: don't go to McDonalds?

It's no secret that the catalyst to this change is stemming from the pressure of consumers and government.

What do you guys think about this new change? A step in the right direction? or just more advertising tricks disguised as "healthy" to increase customers/profits??

Another great article on this topic from NY Times


  1. First off thanks for the cute comment about my husband's leg, that was so sweet and he does not need surgery, thanks goodness! Second, I TOTALLY agree with you on the fast food thing. K wanna hear something gross? I bought one of those covered fruit dishes at Walmart last month and we opened it, had a couple apple slices, put it back in our fridge and completely forgot about it for like two weeks. When I noticed it again I realized that NONE of the fruit had even bruised. Like at all. I was disgusted!!! Who knows what kind of toxins they shot in those puppies to make them not age. All I picture McDonalds to have is weird preservative fruit like that. And you know what ELSE I heard? They use the same oil over and over and over again to fry all their food which is horrible for you. The more times it's heated up, the worse it is for you. So sick! They also grind all their chicken up for chicken nuggets and then BLEACH it so it look juicy and white. Seriously, who does that? Yep, McDonalds :) I refuse fast food. I just can't swallow everything I've heard lately! Sorry for the ranting, wow I need to breath :) Got myself worked up! Ha ha, anyway totally following your blog now. Come visit again! Have a great weekend!

  2. So glad he is gunna live!! haha. ;) And yes, I always wanna hear something gross! It's a curse really, bc then I assume everyone else always wants to hear/see something gross. Kinda like when I asked someone if they wanted to see this awesome picture of a guy who sliced his leg open on a bike! Apparently not as intriguing to the masses as it is to me. Anyway, that stuff about the fruit freaks me out too. Ever since the fast food places started the whole "apple fries" thing, I kept thinking...how are they not browning AT ALL? Freaky. And no I did not realize they did that with the oil, although, I can't say I'm surprised. My standards for McDonalds aren't exactly topping the charts. I still wonder how people continue to eat those nuggets after it came out about all the creepiness they put in them. I guess they just turn a blind eye. But to that I will say, I always thought knowledge equaled making better choices until an overweight nutrition college professor asked our class one day, "What do you think is the biggest thing that will help people to want to make the right decisions regarding their eating habits?" And of course someone said, "Knowledge!" To that the professor responded, "I have a PhD"

    ps. thanks for following! I adore your blog :)