Thursday, September 1, 2011

1,690 calories of nasty

I'm not even sure where these ideas come from. It's almost as if they have people sitting in a cubicle somewhere going..."ok, so there is an obesity epidemic, how can we contribute?"

Mac n' Cheese Big Daddy Patty Melt: A burger patty layered with slices of cheese, macaroni and cheese, another layer of cheese, some kind of tomato-based "frisco" sauce and two pieces of buttered-up potato bread. Still hungry? It comes with a side of fries.

This sandwich is basically breakfast, lunch, and dinner all piled on top of each other. Maybe you can get it for breakfast and take small bites of it throughout the day....or not.

I took this quote from the yahoo article:
Denny's joined Burger King and more than a dozen chains on a health initiative recently, offering more veggie and fruit options for kids. Adults? They can go to you know way of the cheese menu. Direct quote from the company's press release: “With America consuming around 8.8 billion pounds of cheese annually, Denny’s is answering to the appetites of the nation by introducing a dedicated menu that celebrates all things cheesy." Other items on their new cheese menu include a strawberry cheesecake milkshake and a cheese-filled omelette drizzled in cheese sauce.



  1. What are you talking about? This looks delicious! NOT!

  2. do people even come up with stuff like that? I'd rather not have my breakfast, lunch and dinner piled up on top of each other..

  3. There's sinfully indulgent...and then there's just gross calories.

    How does anybody find this appetizing? 160 or 1,600 calories...I would never even have desire to try this!