Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stop Throwing Rocks at Me!

I have a kidney stone. Booooo. A 3mm stone has been stuck in my ureter for a couple weeks now and doesn't seem to want to come out! 3mm's isn't THAT big but unfortunately it's stuck on scar tissue. Bottom line- I'm having a basket extraction surgery today to have it removed. Now you're probably wondering how I'm able to sit here and write a blog post when I have a kidney stone! Well let's back up 14 years... I got my first kidney stone when I was 12 years old. Fun, I know! The doctors wouldn't give me pain meds for hours because they didn't even consider a stone because of my age. They were sure it had to be my appendix. Of course, it was a stone, and several test/hours later they finally figured it out. Anyway, since then I've had probably over 400 stones (hence the scar tissue). Most of them pass, but a couple times I've had to have them removed either by extraction or lithotripsy. So basically I'm just used to it now...which is kinda sad, but what can ya do! The stones I get are calcium oxalate. I'm supposed to be on a low oxalate, 3 L water, no caffeine diet. The low oxalate thing is something the urologist recently told me,so I obviously haven't seen if it has produced any positive results yet.

Have you guys ever had a kidney stone before or have friends or family that have? Are you on any type of special diet and does it work???


  1. I personally have a good friend with awful kidney stones! Obviously, she's still getting them:( I'm sorry-I hope it goes well!!

  2. Alex- lol are you talking about me??? and thank you, im in pre op right now.