Thursday, November 17, 2011

School Lunch in a Downward Spiral

As if school lunches weren't already looking bleak, Congress is taking it to another level.

"A new Congressional bill that looks likely to pass quickly will slow down reductions in sodium by requiring further study on long-term requirements, block whole grains by haggling over the definition, and help pizza stay on the menu by allowing two tablespoons of tomato paste on pizza to keep counting as a vegetable."
Many are outraged by these possible last minute changes, including Mission: Readiness, a group made up of hundreds of retired military Generals and Admirals who have been raising alarms about the readiness of our armed forces due to current childhood obesity. Amy Dawson Taggart, the director of Mission: Readiness, recently stated in a letter to politicians:
"We are outraged that Congress is seriously considering language that would effectively categorize pizza as a vegetable in the school lunch program. It doesn't take an advanced degree in nutrition to call this a national disgrace.”

"They are making sure that two of the biggest problems in the school lunch program, pizza and french fries, are untouched."

The above quotes and photo were taken from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Blog, "Playing Potato Pizza Politics"

How do you guys feel about school lunches? Do you think pizza and french fries should count as vegetables for our children?

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