Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIAW: I have a new addiction

Finally jumping back on the What I Ate Wednesday bandwagon :)

Breakfast: I actually woke up early enough for the first time ever, and made it to Starbucks. And then it allll went downhill from there! I just went to get a coffee, non-fat vanilla hazelnut latte (my fav!). Then I saw this yummy muffin and of course I had to have it. The cream cheese was a little much for me, but it had pumpkin seeds in it which i absolutely love. And then it happened...I saw the naked smoothie. I've seen so many of you make these yummy smoothies at home and I have yet to take it on. So when I saw this one already made, I figured I'd give it a go. Holy crap, it's my new favorite food/drink/amazingness! I'm seriously addicted now. My favorite part about it, aside from the obvious greatness of all the fruits and veggies, is it has no added sugar and no GMOS! yay! I am now ready to attempt making my own fruit/veggie smoothie at home. (This one at Starbucks was almost $4, yikes!)

Lunch: Matt made me tuna salad, which I haven't had in what seems like a million years. I have no idea why, I actually really like tuna salad, I just never think about it. We made a delicious salad to go with it. I used this asian seasame dressing my friend Alex @ Cucumbers & Cowboy Boots left me when they, sniff sniff, moved to Virgina. Probably my new favorite dressing now. I put some honey roasted almonds I bought forever ago from publix on it too and Matt made crutons with focaccia bread. Supper yummy salad!

Dinner: OOOhhhh boy. I LOVE SUSHI!!!! There is something about this one roll I just can't get enough of. If my stomach was big enough, I would have ordered 10 more of it!! I'm not even sure I know what's in this roll, but I think it's tuna, and it's fried... and has spicy sauce, soooo, all my favorite things. I want some right now! Why are all my favorite foods so expensive! boo. And now I'm going to figure out a way to convince my husband we need sushi for dinner...again. :) Wish me luck!

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  1. Aww I love that dressing too!! I'm glad it wasn't expired that like jelly was...sorry about that! lol