Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Boathouse Oyster Bar

It's my parents anniversary (31st I think??) and they came down to Destin for the week to stay at the beach. So, obviously, I went to hang out too! My parents were going to go to Joes Crab Shack, so I quickly intervened. ;) Instead, we went to this cool local place on the water called the Boathouse Oyster Bar.
Awww! My lovely parents.  
This place is known for it's raw oysters, and for good reason. They were incredible! We ended up getting 4 dozen! I ate mine with horseradish, lemon and cocktail sauce. (skipped the crackers).

Sorry my pictures are dark, it wasn't very bright in there and I was using my Iphone that had about 10% battery left. Hurry?

I ordered the "Bang Me Shrimp" not realizing they were breaded. Oops! Oh well, I ate them anyway and they were freaking delicious! I loved the spicy sauce on them.
Bang Me Shrimp
 And quit frankly, since I accidental ordered breaded shrimp...why  not get a beer too! First beer I've had in 2012. 

Shock Top
 These guys were great and I just loved the atmosphere here. It reminded me of my favorite bar from college with all the music I love.

He played the guitar most of the time put played the fiddle for this song.
And just when I thought things couldn't get MORE awesome...This guy played the saw!!! How cool is that!?

When you go on vacation, do you go to places you know or do you try to seek out those "best kept secret" local restaurants?


  1. That place sounds like so much fun--saw-music included! Way better than Joe's chain-crab. I always want to try new restaurants--although I also have tried and true favorites that are hard to pass up.

    1. I agree. I wouldn't say I always want to go somewhere new, just a local place. My husband has kind of stirred me away from chain restaurants.

  2. Replies
    1. I know! I keep looking at the pictures and wanting more!

  3. The oysters made me wanna throw up a little bit, but the place looks SO fun! Congratulations to your parents!

  4. We did have a really good time. The oysters were great and the rest of the food was awesome, also. The fried crab cakes had very little breading, if any. I hate all that breading they put on most crab cakes. The staff were laid back locals. Yes, it is on my list of places to go back to. However, I will say there are several chains that I enjoy, too.

  5. When I went to DC last week, I did that exact thing. I found some of THE best coffee I'd ever had at this little hole in the wall place and a dive bar with a vegan cafe inside that stays open super late. It was awesome.