Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here we go...

It's a slow day in WIC today with all the usual suspects.

1. A mom who is giving her 5 month old sweet tea, in a bottle, every day.
2. A doctor who told one of my moms that she should give her 2 month old fruits and veggies.
3. A 3 year old with rotting teeth, who's mom had NO idea it was from the 6 cups of juice a day.
4. And the pregnant lady who thinks breastfeeding is going to hurt and make her boobs sag.

The clients I see each day never cease to amaze me with their stories, and the foods they put into their bodies and their children. All I can ask for is that I am making some kind of impact on them by giving them my knowledge of the body and food.

After all, Knowledge equals POWER!

side note: cool link for schools & non-profits

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