Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Generations of Stupidity

14, yes fourteen year old girl today came in with her 2 week old baby. Tells me her DOCTOR told her to give the baby water...cause that's believable. So this baby is getting 3 8oz bottles of water a day. My first thought, this is why babies shouldn't be having babies. Ok so she doesn't know why the doctor told her this but says he explained it to her mother, who is in the lobby. So I go out to find grandma, and grandma has an attitude I'm pretty sure she brought just for me. Grandma tells me this, "OH no, I am giving her water because I WANT to! Water is good for babies!" Is that right? Now I'm not sure what her definition of "good is" but last time i checked, that much water can kill a baby. I explained to her what water intoxication is and how easy it is for a baby to get this. What response do I get... She looks at me with this face that says **** you, then says, "FINE, I won't give her any water." Gee I'm so sorry it is such an inconvenience for you to make sure you don't kill your grandchild.

Ending Thought: This is why stupid people shouldn't have babies.

Infant Water Intoxication: todaysparent

One more word on water

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