Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Damage Control

Third pregnancy at age 23...these people amaze me. She came in and sat down with her arms crossed and stared at me. Her boyfriend sat in the other chair, his blood clearly boiling. I knew right away if I wasn't careful, my office was about to turn into the WWE Smackdown. The following is a list of questions I asked Chyna based on the form she filled out, and the thoughtful asnwers she gave me in return...

Q: Are you taking any kind of vitamin?
A: uhhh NO.

Q: Do you really not eat ANY fruit?
A: No. Sometimes I'll eat 1 strawberry
Boyfriend: Yeah with CHOCOLATE!

Q: How much soda and sweet tea are you usually drinking?
A: like 1 or 2 sodas, and then I drink sweet tea all day.
Boyfriend rolls eyes and makes loud noise.

Q: Could you drink decafe tea instead?
A: God! They want like FIVE dollars more for that!!

Q: Do you drink water at all?
A: (extremly disguisted face)... NO! That's so nasty, you might as well just swallow your own spit!

During this entire time this delightful couple was bantering back and forth, mostly bc the boyfriend was angry that she wasn't taking care of herself while she was pregnant..and didn't seem to care one bit.

My only advice is to the boyfriend. RUN! Fast! No but seriously... run

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