Monday, August 23, 2010

This isn't the 7-11

Today a woman came in with her 4 year old to be recertified, which means we go through an entire diet history and assess how the child is doing. This is EXACTLY how the conversation started...

Me: "he doesn't have any sort of medical problems, right?"
Client: "Yeah, everything is fine, I just need beans."
Me: "ok, how much milk is he typically drinking?"
Client: "It varies"
Me: "well what about juice.
Client: "It Varies"
Me: "And water?"
Client: "It varies"

At some point she called me "sweetie" which is when I lost any respect for her that there may have been left.

You are here to get help. We offer foods to you for FREE, and nutrtition counseling that others pay hundreds of dollars for, for FREE. This is not the 7-11...Sweetie.

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