Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paleo Day 3

It's the 4th morning of my paleo challenge and I'm feeling pretty good I must say. One of my favorite things about it is I don't have to worry about eating too much. I eat when I'm hungry and I eat until I'm full, and everything I'm eating taste delicious! I already knew fat slows down gastric emptying so that is definitely contributing to my fullness. Plus, I'm still getting lots of great veggies! While I love most veggies, they always taste better when you add some fat! You know it's true ;)

Another great thing is I don't have to measure anything or count calories or any of that non sense that's no fun. The only reason I'm posting amounts on here is so you can get an idea of how much I'm consuming. Nothing is really measured, I just eyeball things and say, "that looks like 3 ounces".

Breakfast Day 3:
2oz ham
1/4 cup pineapple
(left overs)
Dinner: 2/3 cup cauliflower "rice", 1/3 cup pineapple, 4oz ham, 1 tbs olive oil
(left overs from dinner)
So last night was kind of a first big "test" for me. My husband was making himself mashed potatoes and stuffing. (Potatoes are allowed just in moderation, so I'm trying to steer clear for now). Instead of mashed potatoes, I had mashed cauliflower. My husband must be a genius because they tasted exactly like mashed potatoes to me, I kid you not! And all the other food I had for dinner was freaking amazing I could have cared less about that stuffing!
butter roasted chicken (leg & thigh) w/skin, roasted green beans w/bacon
(they were really candied gb bc they got left in a little long-yum!), cauliflower puree
made to mimic mashed potatoes.
*A note on green beans. Mark Sisson says they are allowed. Not really like most other legumes, they contain no lectin, and very low in carbs.
Day 3 Nutrition Facts:
Fat: 63.2 grams 58%
Carbs: 34.8 grams 14%
Protein: 68.3 grams 28%

I have a list of things I want to make a part of my diet:

1. all organic produce- (from farmers market when open)
2. grass fed beef (there is a local farm right down the road)
3. free range organic chicken & eggs
4. unpasteurized whole milk (when I use cow's milk)
5. coconut milk, oil & flour

I'm also linking up with Jenn Peas & Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday. :) Lots over yummy stuff over there. Check it out!


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